Ilan Ferder

Ilan Ferder


Ilan Ferder is a professional rider and internationally renowned owner and trainer of top show jumpers. Born in Israel, he began riding as a young child. He rose through the ranks as a junior, before moving to the U.S. to further his career as a professional; riding, training, buying and selling show jumpers. After nearly a decade of success on the west coast, Ilan moved east, basing his business, Ilan Ferder Stables, Inc. in Wellington, FL.

During his time on the west coast, Ilan built a strong reputation for himself buying, selling and training championship horses. He was responsible for creating the winning North American Young Riders matches of Uno de Laubry and Karl Cook and Tucker and Aurora Griffin, both gold medal winners who continued on to have successful grand prix careers. Together with his partner, Tal Milstein who is based in Europe, he sold top international show jumpers including Cadett 7 (Ashlee Bond) and Tristan (Nicole Simpson and Kirsten Coe), all of whom competed successfully on teams representing the U.S.

In 2008, Ilan continued growing his business by relocating to Florida where he owns his stable and equestrian facilities. He has had tremendous success over the past decade partnering with top international riders such as Kirsten Coe, Alberto Michan and Conor Swail, all of whom have had many individual and team victories around the world.

Further expanding their international reach, Ilan and Tal have owned, trained and arranged the sales of championship mounts including Viva Colombia (Conor Swail), Baronez (Kirsten Coe and Alberto Michan) and Gigolo van de Broekkant (Alberto Michan). They are also responsible for finding and placing many more top show jumpers in the U.S. and around the globe.

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